How do I add the Call Button to all pages on my mobile website?

You've created your whole website and now you want to add a call button to every single page. You could either add buttons one by one, but that would take too long if you have a large number of pages. We've built in a feature which does all the hard work for you and adds all the buttons with a few mouse clicks. 

Note - The system will only add call buttons to pages with the Basic Page type. 
Warning-  Its recommended you only use this feature once you have all your pages already built. If you run this tool more than once, you will have multiple call buttons on every page.
  1. Click on Create a New Page  from the navigation bar
  2. Click on Call Button

  3. Enter all the information you are prompted for on the screen and then check Add to all pages under Quick Duplication

  4. Click on Add Page and the system will automatically add a call button to each page and it's subpages.