Getting Started Guide

This guide walks you through the basic understanding what a mobile user wants.

Speed. Plain, Simple, Speed.

Mobile users watch the loading bar. If it starts slowly, they are headed for the door. From 5 seconds and counting, the stampede starts. Speed is Test #1. Should your site fail here, any other tests are irrelevant.

Our ‘Landing Rate’ is 50 to100KB. Responsives tend to be 4MB and upward. Thinking in terms of stuffing a desktop into a mobile helps here.

The link below details the trend.

Users are impatient and they won’t wait. You could be providing the best mobile experience ever, but if they are gone, they are gone.

This rule applies to 3G as well as 4G devices. We estimate that 5 seconds will become 4 very soon now (our CDN provider Akamai is rolling out upgrades shortly – We will be faster yet).

If not, your client loses trust in your ability to provide any kind of solution mobile or otherwise.

We have the speed.


Give the people what they want.

Once on the site, don’t make viewers scroll down and search.  You have only a few seconds to make your point and to show them where they can go to see more or to contact you.

The majority don’t come to your mobile ready site to read a wall of text. This is again where PC based responsives fail. Those long scroll down pages are like trying to read a toilet paper roll.

They do like pressing buttons. Give them that.

If you must have an image other than a logo on the home page, it must be as mobile ready as possible.

Sounds boring? Yes it is. However, anything that slows down the site costs you viewers. The concept is to grab the viewer quickly.

Inside the site can be more fun. The front page requires speed and simplicity.

Mobile users are action takers. PC viewers are browsers. Set up every page for action.


How do I get my point across?

Do it quickly.

On each page have:

  • An image. Nice, bright and clean. (Optimized for mobile with proper alt and title tags)
  • Up to 5 bullet point type grabbing lines.
  • Action buttons (Call, Email, Enquiry, GPS driving directions, Sales, Campaigns).
  • Details button. Yes, some of them can actually read. You have detail for them while providing relevant content for the search engines.
  • Share button. Give visitors every chance to pass the site to their social network friends etc.